Crypto signals: vicious game of “Crypto traders”
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Crypto signals: vicious game of “Crypto traders”

What are Crypto Signals?

Crypto signals are the ideas or suggestions provided to traders by various means. These signals act guiding ladder for traders thus make them aware of buying and selling price of a particular coin. Trading groups, trading advisors and trading bots generate signals.

Trading Group

Some trading groups are created by professionals and some are fake, though it is difficult to recognize the actual one. New traders often get stuck in this false game. They follow the wrong groups and experience losses. It is advisory to always do a good search for the group before following it. Some well-known groups are:

  • Xvestments Altcoin Signals
  • Dubai Forex & Crypto Club
  • Whales Crypto Guide
  • Cryptonian

Trading Advisor

  The trading advisor is the individual, who advises the traders based on their experiences. If you have sufficient knowledge than you can also become an advisor.

Trading Bots

These are the software programs that use certain indicators to recognize the market trends and automatically execute the trades. Well-known bots are:

  1. Tradeo- A trustworthy bot, that helped more than 150 traders to make a profit. A trader has to just provide the private keys, rest all is managed by Tradeo.
  2. API Bots- This bot is used by expert traders to save time by reducing their latency rate.

“Signals” Helping Hand for Traders

Signals provide the traders a specific price on which they should buy or sell any coin. You get a complete list of coins with their buying/selling price, target, and stop-loss price. For instance, there is a telegram group, named as “ABC” and it has 5000+ members. The advisor creates a sell call for a coin X.  Coin X


Now, maximum members will sell this particular coin at the same moment, which will lead to instant downfall of price. This is known as Dump. After few seconds when the price of coin reaches a certain threshold, there is a rise in the price and traders start buying the coin. This is known as Pump.


  • Do your own research before following any group.
  • Chase the VIP channels.
  • Prefer channels that share regular results.
  • Trust channels with a high following rate.
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