Coca-Cola Using Hyperledger and Ethereum

Coca-Cola Using Hyperledger and Ethereum

Coca-Cola bottlers are increasing their use of this technology following the launch of a privately held Hyperledger Fabric blockchain in 2019. The organization is opening its network to its vendors with the Baseline Protocol.

In the area of blockchain technology, Coca-Cola is no longer in its infancy. For example in 2019, some of its North American bottlers began developing a private blockchain, based on Hyperledger Fabric.

The project’s goal was to “streamline” the transactions within the supply chain between the franchised bottling companies. The project was carried out by twelve of Coca-Cola ‘s leading bottlers, the business partner CONA Services.

Baseline Protocol on Personal Blockchain and Ethereum Compatibility.

The supplier is now planning to orchestrate a second step of the beverage brand ‘s producers embracing the blockchain. CONA plans to leverage the Standard Protocol, a solution that enables private transactions on the public blockchain Ethereum to be carried out by businesses.

As project partner Unibright points out, the goal is to set up a “Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor” or a trusted network for suppliers of Coca-Cola bottling. And this time it will bring in internal and external players together.

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